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AEB Business seeks to assist start up companies, established enterprises, as well as influencers to successfully and effectively communicate their distinct brand identity/mission.  The paramount objective is to build and maintain lasting, relevant connections for our clients with their appropriate demographic. 

Specifically, we offer a vast array of services for each client that consist of every aspect of comprehensive branding from conceptualization, to full execution of duties.  We will partner with you to work either as the consultant or service provider in the following areas:

Development |  Branding, Campaign, and/or Product

We create and shape a brand based on your configuration of interests, passions, existing momentum or influence.  If you already have a concept in mind, we assist with refining it's development (if necessary). We also advise or design taglines, slogans, campaigns, marketing assets, business materials (websites, business cards, banners etc.) and other products that will help you communicate your brand identity and message poignantly to your targeted audience.

Strategizing | Branding, Marketing, Organizational and/or Operational 

Once you have the brand and all of it's necessary tools set up, there must be strategy for promoting both that brand and it's message.  Branding essentially is the "what" we are promoting and marketing is 'how" we are promoting it.  Both need a well thought out plan to ensure success.  Also, the experience the consumer has once they encounter the brand is just as impactful and memorable as the brand itself which is why at AEB Business we go one step further and offer organizational/operational strategizing.  This work focuses on ironing out kinks in critical areas of productivity as well as intentionally orchestrating a quality experience for the customer.  


Social Media | Development & Marketing

Social media is they way of the world in terms of attracting, engaging, and building brand influence with little to no financial investment.  But there is a science to building an effective social media presence and we can help.  Our services include: 

  • Creating a customized social media calendar

  • Developing engaging post with visually striking images and effective captions.

  • Providing technical support that facilitates follower visibility and growth despite existing algorithms.    



Start Up Businesses - Services begin at $50 per hour.   Because getting started can be overwhelming in so many ways, we offer an initial bundle to burgeoning businesses of half off  on the purchase of your first 2 hours of consultation.  Times may include face-to-face sessions and/or conference call sessions.                                  

Existing Businesses - Services begin at $75 per hour.   We offer an  incentive for existing businesses of 1 free hour  with the purchase of your first 4 hours of consultation as well.  Times may include face-to-face sessions and/or conference call sessions.

Monthly Retainer - Scope of consulting services are customized to meet the specific needs of each particular organization. This level of consultation is much more in-depth and allows for regularly scheduled sessions, feedback and responses on all aspects of the business. Fees available upon request.  Click here to contact us. 




Silver Level Monthly Retainer (approximately 10 hours per week of customized direct services for a total of approximately 40 hours per month)                                    


Gold Level Monthly Retainer (approximately 20 hours per week of customized direct services for a total of approximately 80 hours per month ) 

Platinum Level Monthly Retainer (approximately 40 hours per week of customized direct services for a total of approximately 160 hours per month ) 

A customized service package available upon request. Click here to contact us. 


Logo Design | Starting at $250

Name & Tagline Design -  Starting at $1500 

Web Development - Basic pages start at $1300, Ecommerce pages start at $1800

Social Media Marketing - Rates for this particular service start at $650 and increase based on number of daily posts.  Social media strategic plans starts at $550 and are highly recommended at signing.

***All service payments are NON REFUNDABLE***

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